Monday, January 12, 2009


I went outside about 3:30 AM this morning and there were at least 3 owls around, hooting to each other. It was too dark to see them but the sound was unmistakable. One was in the large cottonwood tree in the yard. It was extremely foggy and a slight mist was falling, and the grass is finally starting to show through all the snow.

I had to fix the compost again - my solution is NOT working. I have some cinder blocks set up with chicken wire over them. Some animal tore it up and spread it all over the place; I don't think it was the dog. However, the dog got in on the action for sure. I'm going to look into using lime to make the compost less palatable.

Speaking of the dog, he constantly comes up and stares in the window and whines and scratches at the glass and the side of the house. He is a great dog, but he is having trouble realizing that he is a dog. He is also VERY bad with other animals, in particular our cat won't come around any more. So I am telling him BAD DOG and taking him by the collar and chaining him up for a time whenever he does this to train him NOT to do this any more.

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