Thursday, January 22, 2009

lots of moisture

We had a LOT of snow and a LOT of rain following, and there was some major flooding around here. It was interesting to see what happened to our land because this was pretty much a worst case scenario. There were small lakes in certain areas, particularly around the pond. I was concerned about my trees and blueberries because I didn't want them partially submerged and flooded. It turned out OK, the water spread across and did not flood the area where I planted, except for on blueberry bush. However, in hindsight I probably should have planted a bit further away from the pond. I will have to ask the local nursery where I bought the stuff if it is possible to move things around, probably not. There was also an area out in the lawn that flooded. I also discovered that if you don't mark the gravel driveway, you can't tell where it is when it snows, and you end up snow plowing off of the road and when you drive over the pasture it digs holes and ruins things.

Now that it is somewhat melting off (we've had snow on the groudn for over a month), the grass is STILL green underneath, and the weeds are thriving. Amazing!

So, there is always something to learn, we learned a lot through all of that weather.

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