Friday, July 18, 2008

salmon berries

I discovered that we have tons of salmon berries along the edge of our lawn, going up to the start of the path up the mountain. I thought they were some kind of wild raspberry, but it turns out that they are salmon berries. They really don't have thorns, but they are amazingly prolific. To tell the truth, I haven't seen any blackberries, it's all salmon berries. As far as the salmon berries, there are small green ones just growing, small yellow ones, large yellow to orange ones, red ones, and dark red to almost blackish ones. I thought at first that the yellow ones weren't ripe and ready to eat yet, but it turns out that the fully formed yellow ones are delicious, especially the large ones. The picture is from wikipedia; I'll take some photos of these soon and post a real picture if I happen to get around to it. The light red or orangish ones are fantastic. If you get them too early they are too tart. I went out with Josh, my 7 year old, and we picked a bunch of them and ate them with vanilla ice cream, and THAT is living!

This all begs the question: these are just growing there without any help from me, and I like them there. What exactly is the place of thinking of something as a 'garden'? Is it only right to call it that if I happen to cultivate it and work on it myself? A lot of the stuff that is growing naturally is growing the way I like it anyway; I love the daisies and foxgloves, the elderberries, the trees, the small trees growing out of stumps, etc. 

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